• Zulu Gems

    Zulu Gems


    A bold and entertaining concept, expertly executed with style and flair – Zulu Gems a very special game. Lose all sense of time as you venture into darkest African jungle in search of mythical r [...]

  • Zombies Must Die

    Zombies Must Die


    The Zombies Must Die so take them on in this Action & Arcade game! Incredible action Fun gameplay The Zombies Must Die!

  • Zunder Fury

    Zunder Fury


    Choose your spacecraft and battle waves of aliens in this retro arcade shooter! Spend points on upgrades and increase your power! Spend your points wisely though, only a cleverly evolved ship has any [...]

  • A.L.I.A.S 3

    A.L.I.A.S 3


    An action packed Shooting Game. A.L.I.A.S the little robot is out to get revenge from the humans for what they did to him. A near by military base is his target. Help him battle his way through the ar [...]

  • Maxims Seaside Adventure

    Maxims Seaside Adventure


    Maxims Seaside Adventure is an avoid the obstacles side scroller. Starring Maxim the puppy. Help Maxim to ride his skateboard along the seaside and collect as many bones as possible. There are posts s [...]

  • Flash Minesweeper

    Flash Minesweeper


    Flash Minesweeper is a clone of the Windows game, you must locate all the mines spread over the grid. You start with a grid that is 16×16 squares. Your first click is pure luck whether you hit a [...]

  • Fish Eat Fish

    Fish Eat Fish


    Fish eat fish is an¬†interesting game with an entirely different gameplay, te objective¬†is to capture all the fishes of the same color. To capture them, you’ve to trap them by drawing a boundary [...]

  • Match The Bugz

    Match The Bugz


    Match the Bugz is a Puzzle Game where you have to swap the different bugs and try to align 3 or more of the similar bugs in a row to make them disappear. You must eliminate the required number of bugs [...]

  • Connect 2

    Connect 2


    Connect 2 is a time based tile matching puzzle game. Match pairs of tiles to make them disappear. You must create a path between the two matching tiles but make sure that the path is not blocked by an [...]

  • Planet Racer

    Planet Racer


    In this futuristic racing game, every racer in the universe dreams about becoming the next king. One day you hope to challenge and beat the king in a one on one race. Then you will win the crown, the [...]

  • Downhill Jumps

    Downhill Jumps


    Downhill Jumps is a snowboarding game, ride your board down the endless mountain trying to score as many points as you can. Perform stunts while in the air and collect as many gems as you can. The mor [...]

  • Sky Fire Fighter

    Sky Fire Fighter


    You’re a sky Fire Fighter and your job is to extinguish the fire in the forest. Fly your fire fighting plane, fill up water from the lake and sprinkle on the fire. Avoid the birds as they cause [...]

  • BMX Ramp

    BMX Ramp


    Get your trickster bike out and prepare for a challenge! BMX Ramp allows you to show off your skills while attempting to impress the locals. You can either compete with a time limit, or you can freest [...]

  • Pharaohs Treasure

    Pharaohs Treasure


    Pharaohs Treasure is an amazing puzzle game where you take the role of an Egyptian explorer and you’re looking for Pharaohs lost treasure. You believe, it is in a secret room in one of the pyram [...]

  • Pointless



    Pointless is not a pointless platform adventure game. The aim is to run through the different challenging levels collecting gold coins. Try to reach the teleporting capsule in each level to proceed to [...]

  • Jumping Troll

    Jumping Troll


    This is a nice and addictive game based on the classic “Breakout” but with great graphics and twisted gameplay. In this game you’ve to help a little troll to jump on the mushroom and [...]

  • Bubble Fairy

    Bubble Fairy


    Bubble Fairy is a challenging arcade game. You are a little fairy and your best friend has been fairy-napped by the devil, he has caged your little friend inside a magical bubble and left her in one o [...]

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